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MOMO's history dates back to the 1960s. These were years of amazing racing, just 11 years after the birth of Formula 1, with cars that must be driven with the heart and not just the head. Car electronics were only science fiction at this time and steering wheels were just a generic piece of the interior. However, in 1964 gentleman driver Gianpiero Moretti developed a smaller leather steering wheel with a much larger grip: the first MOMO steering wheel. Formula 1 driver John Surtees saw this steering wheel and asked for one just like it for his car. He went on to win the championship that year with a MOMO steering wheel in hand. And that was just the beginning.

The race track remains a unique technological and qualitative testing ground for MOMO to verify the performance and security of its products. The MOMO Racing Department was created to provide the most advanced technology and safety to drivers and teams with tailor-made fireproof products. Product development stems from the direct experience of the MOMO teams in the top American and European race series and the hundreds of victories won with MOMO products worldwide. Every product is specifically designed by the MOMO 'Style Centre', in compliance with the international homologation rules.

To this day MOMO applies its 50 years of automotive innovation to quality alloy wheels, tires, tuning products including steering wheels and shift knobs, and of course premium racing products including racing steering wheels, seats and FIA approved race gear.

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